Rocker KT Tunstall refuses to attend celebrity parties to raise her profile - insisting she's just happy boozing with her own friends in private.
The Scottish singer is rarely snapped out in public, preferring to spend time with her husband, Luke Bullen, and close-knit group of pals.
And despite being branded boring by the press, Tunstall refuses to succumb to glitzy events to increase her star status.
She tells Britain's Seven magazine, "I think they're still trading on me being someone who'd be standing in the fish and chip queue next to you. Which is fine with me. But, I don't like the idea I'm being sold as 'normal', because that's not exciting.
"Sometimes I just think: 'God, wouldn't it be great to just be a crackhead going to amazing parties and hanging out with celebrity friends?' But it does not appeal. I just wanna be with my mates with a whiskey round a campfire. That's what makes me feel alive."