KT Tunstall, MAGIC NUMBERS and Blur will expose the secrets behind their most popular songs on a free DVD for budding rock stars. The tutorial DVDs are being given away by the Arts Council England as part of their Take It Away scheme, which gives youngsters loans of up to $4,000 (GBP2,000) to buy instruments in a bid to encourage aspiring artists to pursue a career in music. Blur drummer Dave Rowntree says, "Lots of people learn by playing along to records. This is an extra incentive." The DVD contains four beginner-level lessons from Rowntree, Tunstall, Michelle Stoddart from The Magic Numbers and Athlete's Tim Wanstall. Ten thousand copies of the disc will be given away to people who sign up to the Now Play It website, which sells videos of rock stars like Sir Paul MCCartney explaining the techniques in their songs.