KT Tunstall, the Scottish singer-songwriter, says she despises what Simon Cowell is doing to the music industry by clogging up the charts with x factor contestants. Speaking to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, the 35-year-old said, "I hate what Simon Cowell has done to the music industry because he's clogged it up with all these people and it's stopping real artists getting deals".
Cowell's talent shows have produced a number of successful recording artists in recent years, including Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, but Tunstall says she would never have tried out for one of the shows, stating, "Personally, I'd rather have stayed on the dole (welfare) than audition for a show like that". However, the singer admits that she would appear as a guest star on the X-Factor because of the audience it reaches, saying, "I would perform on it because I want millions of people to hear my music. It's something I have thought long and hard about".
Tunstall released her multi-platinum selling debut album, entitled, 'Eye to the Telescope' in 2004, before releasing the follow-up 'Drastic Fantastic' in 2007. Her third studio album, 'Tiger Suit', hits US shelves today (5th October 2010).