Krysten Ritter almost bit through her tongue while shooting the new series of 'Jessica Jones'.

The 36-year-old actress - who plays the titular character in the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) Netflix series - had an ''awful'' experience filming a fight scene, but despite her mouth pouring with blood, she carried on working because there was no lasting damage.

She said: ''I basically got punched in the chin. I bit almost through my tongue. It was awful.

''That was in the early episodes of this season. It was just one wrong move -- a guy went to push me or pick me up and I got his shoulder under my jaw and I totally saw stars.

''What really f***ed me up was the blood, because I had bit my tongue so bad that I thought it was worse than it was. But your tongue heals really fast.

''You couldn't see it, there was no damage to my face, so I kept working.''

And that wasn't the only injury Kristen picked up during filming but she's proud of the bruises.

She told Vulture: ''I punched somebody by accident. I was a few inches off my mark and he wasn't wearing a pad on his chest and the guy was built like a tank, so then my knuckles blew up and swelled up. It looked worse than it actually was...

''There's a lot of bruises. A lot of bruised knees from flying around. Now I know anytime you have to do anything, just put the knee pads on. Even if it's just, like, grabbing something that fell. Just put the knee pads on! Anything can happen!

''I have so many photos where my elbows and knees are so bruised. I wear it like a badge of honour.''

And the actress insists such mishaps are common when doing a job with so many stunts and fight scenes.

She said: ''Unfortunately, it's a numbers game at a certain point. When you're working for 12 months straight, you're doing so many stunts, of course you're bound to have some accidents. One wrong move or one wrong step and you're going to hurt yourself.''