LATEST: Outspoken rapper Krs-One is angrily denying a recent news report claiming he sympathises with terrorists after the September 11 (01) atrocities.

American newspaper NEW YORK DAILY NEWS' gossip column ran a report on Thursday (14OCT04) claiming the OVA HERE hitmaker dismissed the thousands killed in the attacks during a 'Political Rockers' event at the NEW YORKER FESTIVAL on 2 October (04).

The hip-hop star, whose real name is KRIS PARKER, tells website ALLHIPHOP.COM, "Like everyone I was shocked to read that I and other African-Americans actually 'cheered when 911 happened' and that I have 'declared my solidarity with AL QAEDA'.

"When I read my words taken out of context I was shocked and disappointed that the Daily News would go this far to assassinate my character and distort my views."

Krs-One says that while he was saddened by the deaths of 9/11, the Daily News was correct to report that he believed officials employed by the World Trade Center - which was hit and destroyed by two aircraft during the attacks - were racist.

He explains, "I was just as saddened as everyone else on 9/11. However, many of us were racially profiled and harassed by the World Trade Center's security and the police patrolling that area as well as the thousands of American protesters that spoke out against the World Trade Organisation months before in Seattle, Washington. There was a sense of justice, a sense of change, a wake up call watching the Twin Towers fall.

"I was making an objective point about how many Hip-hoppers as well as the oppressed peoples of the world felt that day. I am a philosopher and a critical thinker, I speak truth and I urge people to think critically about themselves and their environment. Yes, my words are strong. Yes, my views are controversial. But to call me a terrorist is simply wrong."

17/10/2004 21:13