Krs-One and DJ MARLEY MARL have ended one of hip-hop's longest running feuds by recording an album together. The dispute began in 1985 when Marley Marl and MC SHAN recorded THE BRIDGE in honour of the Queensbridge district of New York City. Rapper KRS-One took offence at the track because he believed Marl and Shan were claiming hip-hop was born in the borough of Queens. KRS-One and his group BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS struck back with their seminal song SOUTH BRONX in 1987, which hails the South Bronx area of New York City as hip-hop's original home. Several other 'dis' records were released as the row between artists intensified, including KRS-One's THE BRIDGE IS OVER and MC Shan's KILL THAT NOISE. But both KRS-One and MC Marley Marl were keen to heal their relationship in a bid to stop the current trend in rap music for violent feuds between leading recording artists. Marley Marl tells, "It all happened with one phone call. (Koch Records) called me and he jumped on the phone and told me it would be spectacular for hip-hop. "My reason for doing this is to show these kids that (hip-hop beefs) are not that serious. (KRS-One's) finishing up his portion. It's gonna be crazy. We got sick beats!" The untitled album is set to be released this summer (06).