Kristin Scott Thomas has always refused to move to Hollywood, because she's convinced she'd fall victim to California's obsession with physical beauty.

The British actress, 45, has lived in Paris for 25 years and cherishes the simplicity of the French way of life.

She says, "I have nothing against working in Hollywood but I could never live there. I am so easily swayed. I'd be the first to fall victim to plastic surgery and 24-hour yoga classes."

But Scott Thomas confesses her life in France hasn't always been easy.

The actress - who moved there to become an au pair, aged 19 - reveals, "I used to make a fool of myself, making awful language gaffes such as 'I have a bandit (crapule) in my throat', instead of 'I have a frog (crapaud) in my throat' at smart dinner parties.

"I am adapted to it now, if feels natural for me to be in Paris.'"

27/06/2005 02:00