British actress Kristin Scott Thomas fears her difficult personality on film sets could prompt people to think she is a "grand bitch".

THE ENGLISH PATIENT star admits she is a nightmare to work with when she's unsure of the movie-maker, but regrets her sometimes haughty and unapproachable image.

She says, "If I am working with a director that I don't trust, I can be an absolute horror. Really unpleasant.

"When I did Gosford Park with Robert Altman, apparently I was a complete nightmare. I was very imperious and completely foul and horrible. And I had no idea that I was doing it at all.

"Actually that's not entirely true; I did wonder why people were giving me sideways looks, and there would be this odd hush whenever I walked into a room.

"The only explanation I could come up with was that I was half in character the whole time. I was playing this woman who was difficult and so I became difficult.

"But I did apologise to everyone afterwards."