Actress Kristin Scott Thomas was shocked to learn her racy film Only God Forgives was given a 12 age-rating in France.

Thomas stars alongside Ryan Gosling in the gritty 2013 blockbuster, which features brutal violence and explicit sexual scenes, and the film was classed suitable for over-18s only in Britain and rated R, meaning those under 17 need adult accompaniment, in the U.S.

Thomas says even she found the film hard to watch at times and was concerned to learn young teenagers could see the movie in France.

She tells Hunger magazine, "I found (the film) incredibly violent, and I was very disturbed by the fact that in France it was given the official seal of approval that any child over the age of 12 could see it... There is no way my 12-year-old son would see that film. I think (the level of violence in films) is disturbing. People should be more affected. I think people are getting more and more used to violence, violent images and sexual images. We're so used to using the word "f**k" now."