British actress Kristin Scott Thomas proved her determination to back French cinema when she jetted over to London to launch the RENAULT FRENCH FILM SEASON last night (31MAR05).

The elegant GOSFORD PARK star is keen to raise the profile of French film outside of the Gallic nation, and has blamed the British for being too lazy to read subtitles.

Thomas, 44, who is married to French obstetrician FRANCOIS OLIVIENNES and lives in the capital Paris, wowed guests at the INSTITUTE OF DIRECTORS in London yesterday, with her enthusiasm for Gallic movies.

She says, "They are just not given due attention in Britain, it's because people have to read subtitles to understand them, but do you know what? You get used to them.

"Look at the Cannes Film Festival. A lot of the films shown there are made in languages I haven't even heard of, but you can still appreciate them."

01/04/2005 17:30