Former SEX AND THE CITY star Kristin Davis is happy to remain single at the age of 40, insisting it would take a very special man to convince her to get married.

The brunette actress credits her parents with instilling a independent streak in her, which made her stand out amongst her peers growing up in America's south, where it seemed like getting married was seen as the ultimate ambition in life.

Davis, who played twice-married CHARLOTTE YORK on the seminal comedy, says, "Someone would really have to talk me into getting married. I've felt that my whole life. I don't really know why.

"When I was younger back in South Carolina, everyone was very focused on getting married. People would get engaged in college and get married when they got out, but I never saw myself doing that, even back then.

"My parents were not really in line with that either - they were a little more bohemian."