Actress Kristin Davis has been inundated with raunchy roles since Sex And The City wrapped last year (05) but insists she's still too attached to her beloved TV character to play a vamp.

The pretty brunette admits some film offers have left her scratching her head - because she can't imagine how the producers came up with her name.

She says, "I won't be disrobing in a role. I've had a couple of offers on that and I have no need to shock everybody. I know that a lot of actors do feel like they want to turn their image upside down on its head.

"Number one, I do not dislike my image. People like CHARLOTTE and that's not a bad thing to be associated with a character that people like. I loved her so why would I want to mess with that?"

Davis recalls one particular script, in which she was required to play a dealer.

She explains, "These producers wanted me to play a very butch drug and gun dealer. This character had a buzz haircut and wore sweat suits. I read the script and I thought it was a mistake and they couldn't possibly mean this.

"I made many phone calls to my assorted representatives and they said, 'Oh no, they mean it. They thought it would be great because everyone would be like, "Oh my God, that's Charlotte."'"