Kristin Davis has opened up about the moment two airline employees took her into their home when she was left stranded in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

The Sex and The City star has revealed she was on a plane waiting for take-off at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York when two hijacked jets were crashed into the World Trade Center in Manhattan, killing thousands.

The whole region went into lockdown and all flights were grounded, leaving the actress stranded at the airport with her dog and unable to make her way home.

Davis was rescued by two American Airlines employees, Kathy and John DeRigger, who took pity on the star and welcomed her into their home. She recalled the poignant scenes in a series of posts on her page on the 12-year anniversary of the atrocity on Wednesday (11Sep13).

She writes, "I will never forget the DeRigger family who took my dog and I home with them from Jfk on 9/11. Kindness + love prevailed... (they were) total strangers! They worked for American Airlines... We has (sic) just wrapped Satc (Sex and The City) +my golden (retriever) + I were on a plane on the tarmac at Jfk am 9/11 (sic). Captain Posey got my dog out of cargo... Then we stayed with the crew + Aa staff for many hours with no way home, because of bridges being locked down... Then Kathy + John DeRigger, Aa employees took us 2 (to) their home then drove us out to a friend's house that pm. They were our heroes!"