Kristin Davis doesn't wear heels now 'Sex and the City' has ended.

The actress rose to fame as uptight Charlotte on the hit HBO show, which ran from 1998 until 2004, and says her biggest regret about the iconic comedy series focusing on four female friends in New York was the impression it gave that real women should always wear designer heels - something she has barely done since filming wrapped.

Kristin told The Sunday Telegraph's Seven magazine: ''I do feel guilt about the heels. It did seem we were trying to say to women: 'You should be wearing heels like these.' But we definitely weren't. Were they beautiful shoes? Yes. Were they appropriate for the characters? Yes - that's what women like that wear.

''But it became a bigger-picture thing, where it seemed women should be wearing them every day. But I'm not wearing them. I wear heels so rarely now. It hurts when I do, you have to get in training for them and it takes a lot of practice.''

The 49-year-old star also revealed that the media hype which surrounded her and her former co-stars Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon in SATC's heyday was difficult to deal with.

She recalled: ''Thank God, we were together, we couldn't have gotten through it without each other's support. I'm not complaining, doing the show was wonderful, but when you're filming on a Manhattan street at three in the morning, surrounded by photographers, walking down cobble-stoned streets wearing six-inch heels, it's not easy.''

However, Sarah Jessica clearly doesn't share Kristin's views about high heels since she has just launched her own shoe range for department store Nordstrom.