The newly elected U.S. leader has put a stop to citizens from seven different Muslim-majority countries entering the U.S. for a 90 day period. The move has not gone down well with some citizens and the A-list, and Sex and the City star Kristin is the latest star to lend her voice to the debate.

Speaking with TMZ the brunette actress, who works closely with refugees through her work with Oxfam and the United Nations, couldn’t hide her emotions when talking about Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’.

“I’m very worried, very very worried, very upset. I’ve met refugees, they're the victims, I don’t think we should be blaming them. I have hope that the checks and balances in our government can step forward and rectify the situation,” she shared while walking through LAX airport wearing a blue top from a UN-sponsored refugee organisation and a wide brimmed hat.

She then got teary when asked if refugees in the African camps she visits were aware of Trump

“Mostly everyone just thinks America is wonderful, and in their wildest dreams they would get to come here. And it makes me sad to think that could change,” she said as she gave into her emotions.

The 51-year-old managed to compose herself before breaking down for a second time when discussing the country she calls home.

“(It makes me emotional) because I love America and I don’t want people to think that we’re not kind people,” she sighed as her voice wobbled again.