SEX AND THE CITY star Kristin Davis is keen to put right reports she's an alcoholic - she simply gave up booze because it's bad for her.

The actress, 32, has not had a drink for 14 years after deciding she was better off without it - but is angry the press have reported she had to have rehabilitation treatment for alcoholism.

She fumes, "Its crazy how one little gets so convoluted. It did not happen - trust me.

"This all started because I went to Australia to do press interviews for the show. I had stopped drinking 14 years ago because it was just not that healthy for me.

"It was a non-issue, but in Australia they thought it was odd. They seemed to think something terrible had must have happened to me to make me stop drinking, but that wasn't the case.

"Then I went on somewhere else and came home and I read that, 'Kristin's an alcoholic.' It's just hysterical that it was so blown up."

14/01/2004 13:41