Kristin Davis is planning her next move when her long-running TV show SEX AND THE CITY ends this year (04) - she'd love to perform on the London stage.

The sexy actress is currently filming the final episodes of the hit series, and would love to move from her native America to Britain afterwards - as she shares the country's sense of politeness.

She enthuses, "I'd love to do a play in London. I've always found the English so pleasant and welcoming, and they seem to love the CHARLOTTE character too.

"I seem to have an affinity with the English because I'm from the American south, where politeness matters."

Davis also has something else in common with Britain now, she is dating London-born BAND OF BROTHERS actor DAMIAN LEWIS - but the 32-year-old insists she's not in a rush to marry.

She explains, "I'm not so determined to get to the altar. If I worked out and someone I was in love with really wanted to get married, maybe I would, but I would never want a big white wedding and all that stuff.

"In the South there's a lot of focus on marriage and maybe I saw it wasn't really all it was cracked up to be."

14/01/2004 13:41