Kristin Davis is desperate to star a big screen version of her hit TV show Sex And The City, so she can complete storylines involving her character. The 41-year-old star, who played CHARLOTTE YORK in the show, says writers had planned to wrap up her storylines in a feature film, but everything was left hanging when the movie fell through. She explains, "One of the reasons that I want to do the movie personally is that I feel like Charlotte is unfinished. "We had taken a lot of her storylines and meant for them to be in the movie, so I need that movie, but I'm kind of a broken record talking about that!" Davis says the film is back on track, but nothing is set in stone adding, "It's a big deal! "We feel an obligation to our fans that if we did it, it needs to be great we don't want to just throw something up there on the screen. Are we closer? Yes. "Can I tell you that it is absolutely going tot happen on a certain date? No, we're not that close. But I'm certainly doing everything in my personal power to make that happen!"