Kristin Davis jumped at the chance to reprise her role in Sex And The City: THE MOVIE - because she was fed up with starring in family films.
After the hit U.S. programme came to a finish in 2004, the actress, who plays Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the big screen adaptation of the series, struggled to land any challenging parts and was instead forced to accept "mom roles" in such films as Deck The Halls and Shaggy Dog.
She tells Britain's Now magazine, "They (were) mom roles. There's not a huge amount of choice for women my age, so it's not that easy. I had whole scenes in Deck The Halls where I had no lines. I had whole days on Shaggy Dog where my only line was: 'Shaggy?'
"I'd email my manager saying: 'You have to come over here. I'm losing my mind.' If I had to do that forever, I'd simply quit acting and work for charity.
"So when we came back to do this movie, I was like: 'Thank God, something to do!'"