Sexy actress Kristin Davis is struggling to come to terms with the imminent end of her TV series SEX AND THE CITY - because her character is part of her.

The striking star, 38, has been playing CHARLOTTE YORK for five years, but with the massively popular comedy drama coming to an end next year (04) Davis has had to face up to how big a part the role plays in her life.

She says, "I'm Charlotte in so many ways I won't completely be without her. She'll live forever in me. Not to mention all the memories I have of moments shared with the other girls - they'll always have a special place in my heart.

"It hasn't sunk in yet that the show's finishing. I don't want to believe SARAH (JESSICA PARKER), KIM (CATTRALL), CYNTHIA (NIXON) and I won't be working together again. I'll miss them so much."

13/08/2003 17:20