Former SEX AND THE CITY star Kristin Davis is walking around in pain, after injuring herself in a fall at a Spanish hotel.

Davis was recently woken at 4am by hotel staff who wanted to inform her that she had a fax waiting for her. But when she got up to retrieve it, she ended up having a painful accident.

The brunette beauty says, "I was staying in an old mansion that's turned into a hotel with the hardwood floors.

"There was like a little napkin that they put down (for) when you step out of bed. (My) foot hit the napkin and the napkin slid and the hand hit the table with the phone and the phone slid and I was splat out on the floor and I tore my (medial collateral ligament). It's a sports thing. I had to go a sports doctor.

"He was like, 'Well, this is the first time I've ever heard this injury acquired in this way,' because it's like a basketball or tennis (injury). I should make up some very athletic story."

But, in staying faithful to fashion, Davis is refusing to ditch her high-heeled shoes, adding, "I said to the doctor, 'I don't have any flat shoes! What am I gonna do?' I was conditioned, I was brainwashed for seven years (on Sex And The City) that I have to wear (heels), but it actually helps because I don't have any range of motion and that's when it hurts, when you move it a lot."