Kristin Chenoweth suffers with asthma.

The 'Glee' star has revealed she's been battling the respiratory condition for over a decade, and she believes the disorder was made worse by living in New York City.

She said: ''I haven't really discussed the fact that I do suffer from asthma. I kept getting sick and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get my breath... that's kind of my asthma journey, if you will.''

However, the 45-year-old actress admits it took a while for the condition to be diagnosed correctly and she initially thought she was suffering from bronchitis and other respiratory issues.

She explained to The Associated Press: ''It was only after going to LA to do 'Bewitched' and 'The West Wing' that I really got sick. But I wasn't diagnosed with asthma. It wasn't until I was doing the television series, 'Pushing Daisies,' that my doctor in Oklahoma diagnosed me.''

Kristin has been told by her doctor that she must carry an inhaler on her at all times in case she has difficulty breathing, and she admits the diagnosis has changed her life and improved her confidence.