The TV show Gcb (originally entitled Good Christian Bitches) premiered on Sunday night, after Desperate Housewives. Starring Kristin Chenoweth, the show had been raising eyebrows before it had even aired and, with its storyline about a woman knowingly married to a gay man - who has to keep his sexuality a secret from his church congregation - it looks set to upset a few viewers along the way.
However, the 43 year-old star of the show, Chenoweth, has spoken to ABC about her own devout Christian faith and her attitude towards gay rights. Chenoweth has always supported sexual equality and told Abc "The Bible tells us that we're not supposed to judge, and people shouldn't judge before seeing the show," and added "I'm a Christian, I think that's pretty well known, and I would never do anything that I think crossed the line." On the subject of her attitude towards homosexuality, in the context of her faith, she said that she always refers back to something that her grandmother told her: "I read the Bible like I eat fish. I take the meat that serves me well but I don't choke on the bone."