Kristin Cavallari says labour was a ''bitch''.

The former 'Hills' star gave birth to her first son Camden in August but admitted to friends she found the experience extremely painful.

A source told Us Weekly: ''Kristin told friends labour hurt like a bitch and felt like period cramps but 10 times worse.

''However, despite the agony and the fact that doctors were forced to break her water, Kristin says she would do it all over again.''

While Kristin would love to have more kids with fiance Jay Cutler, right now she is concerned with losing the excess weight she put on during pregnancy.

The source added: ''She still has some weight to go on her stomach but she is almost back.''

Kristin has been jogging, nursing and healthy eating and is only a few pounds away from her normal weight following Camden's birth.

She said: ''I started working out when he was 4-weeks-old. Breastfeeding honestly burns 500 calories a day, so that's been very helpful. And I'm a healthy eater in general, so I've just maintained a healthy lifestyle. I've been on the treadmill and doing a little jogging, but taking it easy and not killing myself. And I haven't really been stressing about it either. I think that helps.''