Kristin Cavallari put her acting career on hold for her family.

The 26-year-old former reality TV star - who guest-starred on 'Veronica Mars' and 'CSI: NY' and also had a small part in the film 'Spring Breakdown' alongside Amy Poehler - was eager to carve out a career in Hollywood after 'The Hills' ended in July 2010, but claims she is only interested in her fashion line now as it enables her to live with her 'Chicago Bears' star fiance Jay Cutler and their eight-month-old son Camden.

She told Coco Eco magazine: ''I've passed on a couple of things that would have kept me here in L.A. because my fiance Jay has to be in Chicago, so if I was here, we would never see each other. The sacrifices we make for love...

''It's easy to get wrapped up in your career and have that be your only focus, and I want my marriage to work and last -- and family comes first. The design work is great because I can do most of it from Chicago and I have so much fun with it. I love it and it all works out.''

The couple are rumoured to be preparing to tie the knot on July 13.

Kristin had no problem shedding the 25 pounds she gained during her first pregnancy and credits her plant-based diet for keeping her trim.

She said: ''My dad is a big health-nut so I've always tried to be as organic as possible, but when I became pregnant I took it to a whole new level and was even more conscious of what I was putting in my body. I gained 25 pounds which is what I was supposed to gain, and since then I have been choosing more of a plant-based diet. I work out four times a week and just try to live healthy.''

The blonde beauty previously revealed that Jay tells her if she gets too thin.

She said: ''I'm lucky to have Jay who would rather have a couple pounds on me. He tells me when I'm too skinny. That helps.

''I take care of myself, go to the gym, eat well. There are good and bad days.''