Kristin Cavallari wouldn't trade her experience on 'The Hills' for ''the world''.

The blonde beauty doesn't regret staring on the reality show but admits she finds watching the show back ''definitely cringeworthy''.

She said: ''I wouldn't trade my experience in for the world. It got me to where I am today ... If I did watch them I would cringe! I think MTV played them a couple summers ago and my husband Jay put them on as a joke to mess with me. It was definitely cringeworthy! I know what I did! I know what happened ... I was so young. I think I've just grown up so much - thank goodness. I really do have great memories and an overall very happy, positive experience.''

And the 31-year-old star doesn't plan on showing her children - Camden, five, Jaxon, four, and Saylor, two, who she has with her husband Jay Cutler - clips from the show any time soon but doesn't mind if they seek it out when they're older.

She told People magazine: ''When they're old enough to figure out how to find it, they can watch it. When they're teenagers and they're old enough to understand and where I can be like listen, 'I was 17, you're 17, you can relate. I was an idiot back then. This is what you don't want to do.' Right now, I would never sit them down [and show them].''

Kristin has her own reality show now, 'Very Cavallari', and she is ''really excited'' to show people the real her.

She said: ''I think 'Very Cavallari' is the first time people will get to see the real Kristin. It's every area of my life. So it's me as a wife, it's me as a best friend, and it's me as a boss, as a business woman. So the 'b***h' persona - I think I've been able to kind of channel into being the boss and owning my own company, and then you get to just see who I am with the people that I love the most. I'm really excited for people to finally see me after so many years of being in reality TV. This is the first time that I can really get behind it saying, 'This is 100 percent me.'''