Kristin Cavallari wishes her fiance was around more to help with their baby.

Jay Cutler plays for NFL team Chicago Bears and while Kristin relocated to Chicago after their son Camden was born in August, she is disappointed that Jay is so busy with work.

She said: ''Before we had the baby I liked that we had alone time but now with the baby I feel like Jay is gone all the time.

''I was able to bond with Camden since I was breast feeding . It was hard for Jay since Camden is so small and Jay didn't really have as much time to get close to him.''

Kristin often has to fly back to Los Angeles where she recently started work as a designer for Chinese Laundry and friends say the travelling is taking its toll.

A source told Life & Style magazine: ''Pursuing her own career while having Camden is exhausting her. She used to get nine hours of sleep to keep up with the pace of her work and now she hardly gets any.''