Kristen Stewart could never be a typical Chanel pin-up.

The 'Twilight' actress feels honoured to be Karl Lagerfeld's latest muse and have been chosen to star in his Métiers d'Art 2014 campaign, which showcases the craftsmanship and skills of the French fashion house's ateliers.

While the 24-year-old star is a fan of Chanel's sophisticated style, she thinks the Dallas-themed collection is far more suited to her personal taste and edgy style.

Kristen told Belgian newspaper Le Soir: ''I don't think I could ever be the classic Chanel spokesmodel, wearing a string of pearls and the brand's other signature pieces. In any case, I don't see myself like that.

''But I'm really into the strength of the Paris-Dallas collection and the idea of playing around with the looks, making them original and unique. It's a role I identify with. I think this collection adheres to me because it's very American ... it's a bit more daring.''

The star has loved getting to know fashion maven Karl and claims she is only intimidated by his achievements, not his reputation.

She said: ''Not only is it a privilege to be allowed to wear Chanel clothing, but also to know Karl. In my opinion he's a true artist and a constant source of inspiration. He is constantly innovating yet never loses sight of the fashion house's identity. And it's a real honour to be part of the Chanel family.

''Karl is born to do what he does, not only in fashion, but art in general. If people are intimidated by him, it's not because of his image, but because of everything he's accomplished and what he represents. When you get to know him, you realise he's everything but intimidating.''