With moving vans spotted outside their abode and word that her fling was a little more that a 'momentary indiscretion,' Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may look ready to call it a day. Two of the most lusted after individuals in show business, there may not be a great deal of tears shed at their split, however for the legions of Twi-hards out there then there's nothing worse than knowing that Bella and Edward have gone to splits-vile. Here's five reasons why they should stick it out, and five reasons why not.

5 Why:

1. They're both still young - At only 22, Kristen is bound to make a few mistakes within her life, who knows how much going topless in On The Road could back fire for her (probably not a lot). Rob is four years older, but hardly knocking on death's door, and he has obviously made more than his fair share of mistakes too, maybe cut her a bit of slack maybe Patz?

2. She's sorry - that heartfelt apology seemed exactly that, heartfelt and thorough. She is clearly sorry for what she has done and admitted that she loves Rob very much in the apology too.

3. Twilight - If ever either of the two wanted to step out of the shadow cast over them by the Twilight Saga, then now is the chance with filming for the final film all but over with. Now is the best chance for them to enjoy their relationship as just Kristen and Robert. that's if they choose to stick it out.

4. Sticking together doesn't make Rob a pushover - if anything it shows that he's big enough to forgive and eventually forget, if he does love her then why would he care about what anyone else thinks.

5. Look at the other couples who stuck it out - Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Duhamel and Fergie and even the Clintons all stuck together and have ended up stronger together, so why no RobSten?

5 Why Not:

1. They're both still young - this one works both ways! The term 'plenty more fish in the sea' always seems that little bit sweeter after you've been cheated on. Young love dies out and maybe it's time for the two to enjoy singe life for a little bit before it's too late.

2. Is sorry good enough? - sometimes it is, but a lot of the time sorry just doesn't cut it. RUPERT SANDERS' wife may have been forgiving, but that doesn't mean that R-Patz has to follow suit.

3. It's all over, as it should be - Maybe the end of Twilight is the best time for the pair to call it quits, after all there's no reason sticking together just for works sake, especially when they only have one more promotional push to go through. They shouldn't stick together for Twilight's sake; they should only do it for themselves.

4. Should Kristen have a say it anything? - Given how she purportedly acted when it was revealed that Rob and his Remember Me co-star Emilie De Ravin became good friends and talked almost daily, then why should Rob give her any room to move when he never did anything wrong in the first place? Perhaps Robert shouldn't be at all benevolent to the situation.

5. Look at those who didn't stick it out - Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, whilst Demi hit the rails for a period after the split, Aston has been linked with Rihanna, Mila Kunis and no doubt a whole host more. Rob could no doubt do just as well if he does choose to leave Kristen. You could argue Jude Law and Sienna Miller have come up trumps by leaving their partners behind.