Rupert Sanders' father says the filmmaker's fling with Kristen Stewart was ''very brief''.

The 'Snow White And The Huntsman' director admitted to cheating on his wife Liberty Ross with the 22-year-old star of his feature film debut but his dad Michael Sanders says it is all a lot of fuss about nothing.

He told People: ''From what I gather nothing really happened and it is all a lot of fuss about nothing.

''I should imagine it was something very brief. She is a very pretty girl and when you work that closely with someone for so long, sometimes things happen.''

Mr. Sanders went on to describe his son - who was photographed kissing his young leading lady despite having two kids with Liberty - as ''honorable'' and said he hopes all the fuss blows over soon.

He said: ''He is very honorable, hardworking and [a] dedicated father and filmmaker.''

Yesterday (25.07.12) Rupert released a statement, admitting his guilt after Us Weekly published photographs of him and Kristen together.

The 41-year-old director said: ''I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.''