Kristen Stewart wears flat shoes on red carpets so she can sign more autographs.

The 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' actress has become well known for teaming her glamorous gowns with flat sneakers when appearing in front of the paparazzi, and she does so because she wants to be comfortable while standing for long periods.

She told Style magazine: ''I just so wholeheartedly disagree with people who don't like what I wear.''

She added she was not keen on actresses who ''are more concerned about looking pretty in your heels, and so you're walking slowly down the line. Put a pair of sneakers on''.

Kristen was initially known for her laid-back style before she became a fashion fan, and admitted previously it was Nicolas Ghesquiere who helped get her into it.

She said: ''I had to have a relationship with fashion from such a young age - you walk down the red carpet, and it matters. It's strange.

''At first I just wanted to get it right, I wanted it to be smooth sailing and just to be able to do my job.

''Then I did a photo shoot with Nicolas and it was the first time that taking photos in high fashion felt like telling a story, that it was part of a concept - it wasn't just about something on the surface, it really evoked a feeling.''