Kristen Stewart found her 'On the Road' character's old-fashioned diction ''cute''.

The 22-year-old actress plays Marylou in the onscreen adaptation of Jack Kerouac's famous novel and found herself enjoying learning the 1940s vocabulary - which came ''naturally'' to her by the end of filming.

She said: ''The one thing that struck me was they just used more words to describe what they spoke about, but I didn't find myself saying words like 'swell'.

''And there is one thing that she said constantly that I tried to adopt actually and by the end of it did, I could naturally kind of own it. But she was constantly going, 'in any case', because she was constantly in one direction and another - just constantly talking about a million different things. After everything she said it was, 'in any case'. It was really cute.''

Kristen, who stars alongside Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley in Walter Salles' feature, listened to tapes of Kerouac's inspiration behind her character, LuAnne Henderson, in order to get her accent right for Marylou and found the ''melodic'' voice alien to her.

She added to MTV News: ''It was like suddenly everyone just completely fell in love with her, the way her voice sort of ... it's really melodic. It goes up and down and is everywhere incredibly expressive, whereas I do speak in a very monotone sort of way.

''Even though she grew up in LA and then moved to Denver, she just sounded like she was from a different world.''