Unless you've been living in a cave for some time, then you will know that Kristen Stewart has been getting some pretty negative press lately. Yet the star is looking to stick it to her critics as she is determined to show that she 'deserved' to be given the much sought after role of Marylou ahead of others in the upcoming screen adaption of On The Road.
The film is an adaptation of the beloved Beat Generation novel of the same name by author Jack Kerouac and has been considered un-filmable after several failed attempts in the past. This time round, director Walter Salles has helmed the film and hopes to do the book justice in the process, with Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund taking on the lead roles.
The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday (August 6th) and whilst there Stewart insisted that when she was on set she told herself that she "totally deserve[d] to be here, I promise, I promise, I promise." She went on to tell reporters that she and co-star Tom Sturridge "have been doing so much research" into the role.
On The Road will be released on a limited basis starting on December 21st this year.