Kristen Stewart seems to have unwittingly tied down one of the hottest men in Hollywood after 'Twilight' co-star Robert Pattinson said the pair had got married on the set of the new film 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1'. Those besotted with the actor can breathe a sigh of relief though, he was only joking in reference to the wedding scene filmed for the movie.
OK! Magazine reports that a real priest was used to film the scene, leading Pattison to say; "It was weird as well because it was a real priest. So essentially, me and Kristen are married now because he did the exact same thing as a wedding," going on to embellish, "we just don't have a civil union or whatever it is. Not by law, but in the eyes of the church we are actually married." In playful mood throughout the press conference, conducted on Friday (October 28th 2011), the 25 year-old also joked about the first sex scene he and Stewart were involved in, saying "That was probably quite hard because everyone was freaking out about it. There was like 20 people who were just kind of like, 'No, that's not how Edward would thrust.' It was crazy. There were so many people who had an opinion on it."
With Kirsten not in tow to retort back, the star continued his gentle jibing, finishing "The studio chief came in and was like, 'Just let me borrow Kristen for a second. I'll show you. I'll give you a demonstration.'"