Actress Kristen Johnson has opened up about her exploding stomach medical crisis in a new book, which details her past battles with drugs and alcohol.
The former 3rd Rock From the Sun star was appearing on London's West End stage in 2006 when years of abuse caught up with the actress and left her in so much pain she thought she would die.
Johnson chronicles the experience in new tome Guts and tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Imagine an overweight woman jumping up and down on your stomach... for hours! I've never had children, but I think it's the worst pain a human can experience and not die."
The actress was diagnosed with acute peritonitis.
She adds, "It's an ulcer that burst and basically I became septic, meaning all the contents in my stomach were, like, in my armpit and somewhere... in my legs... I have really researched what happened to me. I got my records and everything. It was 700 pages.
"I should have died. I think they actually lost me twice on the operating table."