Kristen Bell was nervous about working with Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis on 'You Again'.

The blonde actress - who plays Marni, a girl who realises her brother is about to marry her a woman who bullied her as a teenager - claims she felt like it was her first day at school when she knew she would be working with the esteemed leading ladies.

She said: "I was initially intimidated, but then I got nervous and it sent me back to high school going, 'Is everybody going to like me?' 'How can I make everybody like me?' 'Are there going to be too many personalities?' 'Will this be a s*it storm?'

"But then, you get to set and realise they haven't been working for decades because they have bad personalities. They're awesome Women, and it was just really interesting to work with them as peers."

The 30-year-old beauty also admits she may have taken it too far with the make-up on the shoot for the film, and had to be told to calm down.

She told "I actually wanted to push the envelope a lot further and was pulled back a couple times.

"I came out of the make-up trailer with 400 whiteheads on my face and they were like, 'Kristen, come on!' I was like, 'What? It's realistic! I had whiteheads in high school,' and they were like, 'No, let's just go with regular, standard, run of the mill acne.' "