Kristen Bell says she wants to star in a film adaptation of 'Veronica Mars', despite Warner Bros not being so keen on the idea. The production company own the rights to the television show and seem reluctant to give a movie version the go ahead, but Bell remains hopeful, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "At this point, Warner Bros can make it, but like any studio they have research that tells them whether or not they'll make their money back".
The 30-year-old actress starred in the teenage detective series that ran for three seasons between 2004 and 2007, however, she admits to facing an uphill battle trying to convince Warner Bros to make the movie, saying, "My duty, because I wanted this movie made from the minute our show got cancelled, is to a, do it before I'm 40, and b, prove to Warner Bros that there is an audience". The show, which also featured JASON DOHRING, won numerous 'Teen Choice Awards', as well as a 'Writers Guild of America Award' for Episodic Drama and Bell added, "You already have 3 million who watched it every week".
Bell made the comments before the premiere of her new movie, 'You Again', which also stars Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis.