Kristen Bell finds shopping ''easy''.

The 'Burlesque' actress - who is renowned for her slouchy, laid-back style - has become more adept at knowing what she likes as she has got older, and finds wading through piles of clothes simple because she knows exactly what she likes.

She said: ''I've evolved in the way that I used to rely on keeping up with the trends. But now I kind of know what I like and I can go out and find it easily.

''I can wade through what are actually just trendy pieces that will be gone next season.''

However, Kristen does not try and influence what her fiance Dax Shepard wears as she always loves his clothes.

She added to ''He's had the same style for years and years and years and he's very picky. But he always looks great, so I can't really complain.''

Kristen has previously stated she would like her behind to resemble ''two round cupcakes'' so she could look good on screen.

She said: ''I want two round cupcakes, always. I kicked my buns and abs sets into high gear when I knew I'd have to be in my bra and underwear on 'House of Lies'.

''But I don't show my crack! All the Mr. Skins of the world are like, 'Ooh, Kristen gets naked!' I'm like, 'Dream on!' ''