Kristen Bell started scratching her face ''like a meth addict'' when her epidural wore off during her labour seven weeks ago.

The 'Veronica Mars' star enjoyed giving birth to her second child Delta via Caesarean Section in December but admits she couldn't control herself when the nerve-numbing painkiller wore off.

Speaking on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show', she explained: ''As someone who has never experimented with drugs, I really enjoyed it. While they were doing it, I was thinking, 'What else could we get done down there?' ... Anything to keep the epidural flowing.

''A couple hours later like it wears out of your system slowly and about six or seven hours later I'm sitting in my hospital bed and I say to Dax 'Well I think the epidural has finally worn off.' And he looks over and I am scratching holes in my face like a meth addict and I'm like I think it might be time to re-up I don't know.''

The 34-year-old actress was in labour for 33 hours before doctors decided they would result to surgery to deliver the little one and her husband Dax Shepard, 40, it was ''heartbreaking'' to watch.

Speaking on the show last month, the actor said: ''She got an epidural like hour 14, as you should, and I think dads need something. I deserve something because I was along for the ride. It's still a car crash and I'm in the passenger seat.

''I'm playing Katy Perry and I'm rubbing her back and I'm thinking, 'I need something for this! Help me!'

''And then at the last minute, which was heartbreaking, she then needed to have a C-section, which happens. It's all right. I have a healthy baby so everything's great.''

The couple, who got married in 2013 after a three-year engagement, also have 23-month-old daughter Lincoln together.