Kristen Bell found working on 'Bad Moms' a ''treat''.

The 36-year-old actress - who has daughters Lincoln, three, and Delta, 18 months, with husband Dax Shepard - enjoyed ''hanging out'' with her co-stars on the set of the movie, both with their kids and without their offspring, which gave them the chance to remember they are all more than just someone's mom.

She said: ''We so are [still friends]. It was such a treat because we did bring our kids some days, but other days we just hung out on set as girlfriends, which was sort of the theme of the movie, to remember that you are an autonomous female who needs female friendships, or any friendships.''

And though they're not working together any more, Kristen knows she can always call on her co-stars - Mila Kunis, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate and Annie Mumolo - for parenting advice.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''We all had kids of different ages, all six of us that were in the movie, so we shared advice at all times. It takes a village, and previously we lived in the same house or cave as our village.

''Now, we're all separated into different households, so it's important to stay in communication and help each other: 'Hey, how did you deal with this issue? What did you do when your kids weren't sleeping? What did you do when your kids wouldn't eat healthy foods?' ''

And the 'Frozen' star is thankful her spouse is an ''incredibly involved'' parent.

She said: ''We read a book called 'Brain Rules for Baby' before they were born, about how important it is to share the workload and how a lot of marriages can decline if you don't pay attention to warning signs that your marriage is deteriorating because you're just focusing on your kids, and he took that very seriously. He is an incredibly involved father.''