Kristen Bell's children keep her ''grounded''.

The 37-year-old actress has hilariously revealed how her kids - Lincoln, four, and Delta, two - keep her humble after they broke a 'Frozen' ornament and the head of Anna, who she voices in the movie, fell off.

Captioning a photo of the ornament, Kristen wrote: ''This will be the cover of my autobiography and it will be titled 'My children keep me grounded.'''

And to help boost Kristen's self-esteem, fans rushed to social media, insisting that their child's favourite was Anna rather than Elsa.

One wrote: ''Hahaha well just so you know, Anna is my daughters favorite. Everyone tries to get her to like Elsa and she always says ''No, Anna!'' (sic)''

Whilst another added: ''My daughter loves Anna more than Elsa... She was Elsa for Halloween but that's because the costume was more accessible in her size... You rock t, I wish I had your voice (sic)''

It comes after Kristen recently revealed she has cut down on using the phrase 'it's OK' around her brood, because she thinks it ''shuts down'' their ability to express emotions.

She shared: ''I do really like reevaluating how much we say to them, 'It's OK,' because it weirdly shuts down their ability to have emotions. Because they think, 'It's OK. I shouldn't be embarrassed. I shouldn't be sad.' So now when they get sad or embarrassed, I say, 'That's a stinky feeling, huh? I've felt it, too.' I just let them experience it, and hopefully it'll make healthy adults ...

''The one finger rule was something I really enjoyed. They said, 'Let your toddler experience things.' Like, 'I wanna touch that vase!' Rather than always saying, 'No,' you say, 'Let's do it! Let's do one finger.' So, my toddlers go around and touch everything with one finger.''