Kristen Bell's kids like to ask ''annoying questions''.

The 'Frozen' star says her children - Lincoln, five, and Delta, three - have picked up the habit from their father, Dax Shepard.

She told Entertainment Tonight: ''They ask a ton of questions, and not annoying questions but questions that are leading them to sort of greater truth. Like this afternoon my husband was listening to a podcast about Watergate about how the Nixon presidency fell and my 5-year-old was like, 'Why did that woman want to call the newspaper?' And he was trying to answer and he's like, 'I can't unravel why the Nixon presidency tumbled,' and [Lincoln] was like, 'Well, try.'''

Meanwhile, Kristen previously admitted she thinks it is ''a lot of pressure'' having a relationship in the spotlight.

She said: ''It is a lot of pressure. Well I'll tell you this, I highly doubt we will ever break up because we're just ... we're in too deep and I like him too much. Even when he's annoying I really like him. I'm still like, 'I still wanna be on the porch with you when I'm 80, but I really need you to get out of my face right now.'''

Speaking about Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's split, she added: ''But I also think we're not looking at the whole picture when we sort of idolise the relationship. Like those two, that may be a better path for both of them and they're both lovely people and they're still friends and that's OK. It's OK to feel like, I went through 10 years with you, I love you and now I feel like I want something different and so do you. Like it doesn't have to be a heartbreak, I guess is what I mean. It could actually be the healthiest thing for both individuals to thrive and it could also be the best example for your kids.''