Kristen Bell believes therapy is ''very helpful''.

The 37-year-old actress has admitted she ''loves'' attending sessions with her therapist, as she credits the remediation technique with helping her to develop better ''self-care''.

She said: ''Look, I love therapy. I think self-help, self-care and sort of a fierce moral inventory is necessary to how I want to live, and who I want to be as a human being. I like to promote it because I think it's very helpful.''

And the 'Frozen' star - who has Lincoln, four, and Delta, two, with her husband Dax Shepard - believes therapy can help people learn to ''communicate'' better, which is something she credits with helping her keep her marriage on track.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she added: ''Well, look, people don't know how to communicate. They just don't. Try to talk to a toddler. OK, no, it's not going to happen. I have two of them, they're terrible at it. You have to learn how to communicate with one another and, like, communication is your whole life. And so if you do any sort of work on yourself and evolve, you have a bigger tool box. We're born with, like, teeny tiny tool boxes, but then you're like, 'Oh, I have all of these tools to deal with different kinds of people.' And then it's just helpful and it makes your life easier.''

Meanwhile, Kristen recently revealed that having a sense of humour has helped her and Dax keep their romance ''spicy'' since they tied the knot in 2013.

She said: ''Well the funny keeps it spicy for us a lot. He keeps me laughing all the time. I try to make him laugh and every now and again I get there. But really it's just being aware of the other person's needs is also hot.''