The When In Rome stars tied the knot in 2013 and have daughters Lincoln, three, and 18-month-old Delta together. Over the years they've helped each other recover from various personal issues, with Kristen suffering anxiety and depression while Dax, 41, battled addiction.

They're stronger than ever now though, in part thanks to couples' counselling and Dax's firm approach to their relationship.

"We fought a lot and I loved a dramatic exit. If I could slam a door, I felt so powerful. If I could get in my car and screech away, it was even better," she told Redbook magazine. "He said to me, ‘If we have an issue, you can’t leave. We’re going to talk or I’m not going to do this with you.’ I loved him so much that I was like, 'I better get my act together.'"

They make sure to find some time together too, as Kristen reveals they "slot in" their bedroom antics on a night nobody is coming over and when they don't have to get up early. The couple also has their hands full with their little girls and always try to set a good example for their kids, starting with discipline.

"Recently I've had an epiphany that if I'm as nice to my daughter as I want to be, she's not going to respect me," Kristen explained. "Giving your kids strong boundaries is good for them, because if you just let them do whatever they want, you raise a jerk."

Kristen, 35, is back in the spotlight with upcoming movie Bad Moms, co-starring the likes of Mila Kunis and Jada Pinkett Smith. Giving a realistic insight into the lives of various types of mothers, Kristen is totally on board with the film's realistic approach.

"In the age of social media, when you can edit your life in beautiful pictures, it’s important to remind moms that all of us are wearing yogurt and all of our hands smell like urine," she noted. "When you present an unrealistic idea of perfection to people, it’s not fair."