Kristen Bell was ''moved'' by the reaction to her battle with depression.

The 35-year-old star opened up about her mental health struggles recently and is so thrilled she managed to help other people who are suffering.

She told the new issue of Redbook magazine: ''It didn't occur to me that I would help anybody. Also, I didn't expect to be so moved by people's comments on social media about how they had been prescribed medication and never wanted to take it until now because it finally didn't feel shameful.

''You're labelled as a failure if you can't kick depression. That's bulls**t. You would never deny a diabetic his insulin and go, 'Why can't you process sugar on your own?'''

Meanwhile, the 'Frozen' star - who has Lincoln, three, and Delta, 18 months, with her husband Dax Shepard - previously admitted having depression left her feeling ''worthless''.

She shared at the time: ''For me, depression is not sadness. It's not having a bad day and needing a hug. It gave me a complete and utter sense of isolation and loneliness. Its debilitation was all-consuming, and it shut down my mental circuit board.

''I felt worthless, like I had nothing to offer, like I was a failure. Now, after seeking help, I can see that those thoughts, of course, couldn't have been more wrong. It's important for me to be candid about this so people in a similar situation can realise that they are not worthless and that they do have something to offer. We all do.

''When you try to keep things hidden, they fester and ultimately end up revealing themselves in a far more destructive way than if you approach them with honesty. I didn't speak publicly about my struggles with mental health for the first 15 years of my career. But now I'm at a point where I don't believe anything should be taboo. So here I am, talking to you about what I've experienced.''