Motherhood is better than Kristen Bell expected.

The 'Veronica Mars' actress and fiance Dax Shepard welcomed their first child, daughter Lincoln, two months ago and Kristen revealed becoming a mother has exceeded all of her expectations.

She told chat show host Ellen Degeneres: ''It's actually better than I expected. It's pretty wonderful. Dax is the best dad. It's like he's just made a new best friend. He just talks to her all the time. And sings to her all day. It's wonderful.''

Kristen, 32, also confessed she and Dax are reluctant to share any photographs of Lincoln because they don't want her to become a public figure and insisted the tot can show as many pictures of herself as she wants when she gets older.

She said: ''We're going to leave that up to her. If she wants to, she can do a bunch of selfies. Who cares? But we're just not going to make that decision for her.''

Dax recently joked he has barely left the house since Lincoln's birth and compared a trip to the grocery store to a ''bachelor party in Vegas''.

He said: ''One of the times I left the house was to go to Costco. Have you guys seen Costco? This place has ample parking, a super liberal return policy, and there's no babies.

''I went and left the house and it felt like a bachelor party in Vegas! I strolled those aisles. I went and lifted everything up off the shelves. I strolled the aisles for four or five hours!''