Kristen Bell is taking ''the whole summer'' off to be with her children.

The 'House of Lies' star, who is married to Dax Shepard, has cleared her schedule to spend a few months of quality time with her daughters, Lincoln, two, and Delta, five months.

The 34-year-old actress said: ''I'm going to mommy them the whole summer. I'm going to take my girls out and about, and do crafts and art projects. We just got a bunch of plants at the farmers market and we're going to plant a big garden this summer.''

The blonde beauty and Dax alternate working so one of them can always be at home with their girls.

She told ''We're trying to have only one parent working at a time. Since I just finished 'Michelle Darnell,' the movie with Melissa McCarthy, I'll take the summer off and Dax will be working.''

The 'Frozen' star wants to fill her garden with fruit and vegetables during her break away from Hollywood.

She said: ''We have decided to plant a ton of strawberries in the back, and basically our property is lovely, but I'm over plants that don't bear food we can eat. So, I'm pulling out some really pretty lantana and replacing it with strawberries. [In] front of the house, I'm putting in blueberry bushes, grapes, and raspberry bushes.

''I'm hoping to teach Lincoln to garden -- I don't know if she'll enjoy it. I really believe in following her lead so the things that interest me might not interest her but I want to follow what interests her, I think that provides a really healthy creative learning environment where kids thrive.''