Kristen Bell has risked ruining Russell Brand's womanising reputation by branding him the biggest "softie" she's ever worked with.
The pair teamed up on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which the outlandish Brit played a rock star version of himself.
They had to act out several raunchy sex scenes in the hit comedy, but rather than take advantage of catching his co-star half-naked, Bell insists Brand was the perfect gentleman.
She tells Britain's You magazine, "Russell Brand is such a softie. His public persona is just an act. I think that person exists in him, but I don't think that person is him. I worked alongside him so closely, and he is such a kind, gentle, lovely guy.
"We had a lot of sex scenes to do together, and you'd think I would have come away with a ton of juicy stories, but I didn't. He was one of the most respectful scene partners I have ever had. We'd be in the bed between takes and he'd make sure that the sheet was pulled up so that I wasn't showing any flesh - he was like a big brother. I feel lucky to know that side of him and I wish more people did."