Kristen Bell says Dax Shepard is ''very romantic.''

The 'Frozen' actress married the 39-year-old actor last October in a low-key ceremony that cost $142 and despite having a 14-month-old daughter, Lincoln, the couple still make sure they spend enough quality time together.

She said: ''Dax is very romantic, so I do get spoiled.''

Dax also helped Kristen, 33, figure out how she was going to direct Lipton's three-part series of extended 'Be More Tea' ads in the US.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''He ready the scripts and was really supportive. Not too many notes!''

The blonde beauty says Lincoln is growing up quickly and she loves watching her ''crazy'' antics.

She said: ''She's just running around like a crazy short person. A short nut ball.''

Kristen recently admitted Dax is obsessed with Brad Pitt and even has a portrait of him and the hunky actor in matching outfits, which was given to him by Ellen DeGeneres, attached to the headboard of their bed.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' last month, Kristen said: ''He just adores him, he's on a pedestal, his work, his vibe, he loves everything about him.''

When Ellen asked if he actually took the portrait, which was a ''joke'', home with him, Kristen replied: ''Can I just say something? I don't think he thought it was a joke. I think he thought it was dead serious.

''It was the first thing he showed me when he got home. He's like, 'Come out to my trunk, I got to show you what Ellen got me.' And I was like, 'Wait, how was your segments?' ... And he has already put it up and it is in the boudoir. It's resting on the headboard above our bed. It's going to need to be secured if it's going to live there.''