A noisy mockingbird is costing new mum Kristen Bell sleep.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, who recently welcomed a baby girl with partner Dax Shepard, is loving motherhood, but she'd love more peace and quiet as she tries to drown out the mating calls of a randy mockingbird.

She says, "Lincoln is not keeping me up at night, but I am up at night because I'm being tortured by a devil bird. Have you heard of these? They're called mockingbirds and it's their mating season and I have a bachelor in my tree that starts squawking at about midnight and gives it up around 7am, and the baby sleeps, that's the irony, but this bird..."

Bell believes the feathered noisemaker has been around since last year (12).

She explains, "I have seen him, we have made eye contact, I have had numerous interactions with him. He did this to me last year and he's schizo and I'm always yelling up at the tree, 'Nobody wants to date you'. He's trying to get a date and believe me no one wants to come within 10 feet of this guy."

The actress has tried unsuccessfully to get the bird to leave the neighbourhood, even using a water gun to shoo him away.

She continues, "There's a bunch of empty water bottles lodged in the tree from when I was chucking things at him trying to get him to go away. Sometimes I would get up in the middle of the night and shake the branches. I can't hurt him, because unfortunately he's protected under California's Migratory Bird Act; I've looked it up, there's legal ramifications...

"I got a Nerf gun last year and I've been shooting soft pellets to try to get him to go away... And this year, I bought a super soaker (gun), because I heard that you can hose them, and I need more range, because when I open the door, he hears the knob and he stops and he freezes and then flies to a tree that is, like, 10 feet away, where I can't reach him, so he's on to me. But, I've ordered this 35-foot range super soaker and I think we're going to wrap this up this year."

The noisy creature is not the first neighbour Bell has had a problem with - last year (12), the couple complained about Justin Bieber's loud house parties.